Monday, May 11, 2009

BodyBugg is a Piece of Crap!

Yes, I got me a bodybugg.

I'm sure it records data. In fact, the very few times I've been able to upload the data to the server, it appears that the product actually works. Sort of. It didn't record steps for my sprints and, despite the fact that I had a 40-minute walk with sprints, it recorded only about 8 minutes of activity.

Most of the time I have a problem with the bodybugg server not being able to upload the data. I think they promoted the heck out of this thing and then didn't think to compensate for the overload to their servers.

Ever since this thing came out it hasn't been able to remember my login no matter how many times I told it to remember me. What a piece of crap!

So, I called the technical service line. Despite being told about every 5 seconds how important my call was, no one answered. After 15 minutes I gave up.

Bodybugg sucks. Don't but it. I don't care what they say about having improved their service. Maybe that means they only have about 60 errors instead of 65 when people upload.

Their customer service sucks, too.