Sunday, March 11, 2007

OK, Calmed Down (for now)

The weather is much nicer and I've had more than my share of sleep, so I'm feeling better. Also, my period is not causing me so many problems today, so that's good. My DH has wisely counseled me to quit reading books that get me wound up. Hmmm... the man has a point!

We've started Daylight Saving Time. It's odd that we have so much sunlight at this hour of the day. And there's no real light savings for me. I get up early in the morning (in the dark) and I go to bed early at night (in the light), so it's more of a pain in the arse than anything for me, but I'll live.

I've been keeping up on my knitting (see the KFYS blog). Yesterday I stopped at my LYS to get some US 2.0 dpns (which they didn't have yet in the length I needed) and I saw the most glorious yarn -- Fiesta -- in magnificent colorways. I so wanted to get a skein (for socks), but I didn't. It really hurt, let me tell you, but I'm not sure that it hurt so much because I couldn't get the yarn I wanted or because I had to admit to myself once again that part of the reason we're in the situation we're in is because I've bought more yarn than I can possibly knit. Damn! I hate it when I build character!

The outside temperature is supposed to be in the 60ยบ (F) range at least two days in this coming week. I'm so looking forward to great weather for walking outdoors! That, at least, will help with calming my regular frustrations with change. :)

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Curly Cable said...

Glad your feeling better, your husband right about the books, trouble is you don't always know that they are going to wind you up, til its too late! Can relate to you with the skein of yarn, I have willpower over most things but not when it comes to purchasing yarn. and find it most upsetting when budgets get in the way. Take care of yourself, hugs and well wishes on their way to you!