Monday, June 18, 2007

Wrap. Pack. Seal. Lift. Repeat.

I've spent a total of 14.5 hours this past week in sorting and packing items in my mother-in-law's apartment. Some of the stuff goes to charities. Some of it goes to Ed's sister in Florida. Some of it goes to us. Some of it gets tossed.

The majority of stuff for Ed's sister will have to be professionally packed and shipped. She had set aside some other things that I packed yesterday into four boxes.

The stuff for us isn't going but 2 miles (the distance between the apartment and our house), but we've got about 6 big boxes (18 x 18 x 24) of stuff just because we're still packing it with bubble wrap and such to keep it padded. I never knew one person could have so much crystal, silver, and copper!

Items for donation so far comprise 4 of the big boxes, but we haven't started in on the kitchen yet. Plus there are books.

And this doesn't count the furniture. Yesterday we helped my SIL Deb's daughter and fiance load up some glass and chrome tables. Five of them were end tables, so they were manageable. The six was a huge coffee table and the pane of glass for it was so freakin' heavy that it took 3 of us to transport it.

My shoulders hurt. I hurt.

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Mandella said...

Of course you do. But all forms of hurt will pass. Trust me.