Monday, April 14, 2008

Freakin' Monday (Redux)!

Once again, Monday has come like a ton of bricks just when I was feeling like I could finally relax.  What a pile of merde this weekend turned out to be!  I was tired all day Saturday, went out with “the girls” on Saturday night and found myself stuffed into a tiny booth with 4 other people at a crowded restaurant, then we squeezed around a tiny table at the Funny Bone.  Nice company, but uncomfortable surroundings.


Yesterday, I did laundry, struggled through a knitting design (lots of ripping and swearing), and did some reading.  I didn’t even get out of my pyjamas!  There just wasn’t enough weekend in my weekend.  I was too tired through it all.


I watched a bit of the first Godfather film on television on Sunday.  More and more, I realize it’s a modern-day Shakespearean tragedy.  I wouldn’t say that of the book, actually, because the book reads a lot like “true crime” pulp, but the film is masterful in how it highlights the interpersonal relationships and how each person’s personality contributes to his/her downfall.


I also watched most of The Da Vinci Code film late last night (something to accompany the knitting that was finally working out).  I found myself wondering whether we’d have had a film at all if the last scion had turned out to be a crabby menopausal drama queen who was an obese lesbian.  All of which is to say that such speculation is obviously fiction if the object of the obsession can only be a skinny, smart woman who knows how to handle a gun.  Frankly, I don’t care whether Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married or not.  It doesn’t matter to me or my faith in the least.  But I do strongly believe that everyone who made themselves upset over the book and/or the film deserved their angst.  Sheesh!  It’s fiction, people!  It’s an heroic tale!  It’s not real life!


This is real life:  You’re middle class and struggling financially; you’re middle-aged and overweight in a world that worships the young and thin and brainless; you spend your weekend on no greater adventure than getting the laundry done.  They can’t even make “reality TV” that real because no one would watch it.


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