Monday, September 08, 2008

Yet Another Rant . . .

OK, the GenX baby in my office is going on and on about how yesterday was the hardest day he’s ever had. 


He was playing paintball.  Again.


Oh, gawd, how hard can your freakin’ life be if the hardest you’ve ever been on your body comes from playing a stupid game?


I moved plastic containers of fabric and yarn and other crap from the storage unit to our CRV and then into the garage.  And then I hefted them around to get everything laid out in a reasonable way.  And then I tugged boxes of crap from the guest room (after moving around boxes of stuff that need to go back to the storage unit) out to the garage.  And then I was jumping about for four hours helping scavengers customers go through it all and find their treasures.  I made about $100 (which about covers the cost of the gas we used to run around in preparation for all of this).


Did I mention that GenX baby makes more money than I do? 


And he still lives at home with mommy?


And that I’m 2 years older than his mommy?


Life is freakin’ hard some days, you know?

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