Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Second Sleepless Night

Ed worked until 10:00 p.m. last night at CompUSA. I was in bed, but I woke a bit when he arrived home. Then I slept for several hours but woke around 1:30 a.m. because he was still awake and reading (Prince of Tides) an ebook he'd downloaded from the library. Well, it wasn't his reading that kept me awake (the only light came from the screen that displayed the text), but I don't think it helped. Mainly I ached still.

I had a nice, restorative workout at the gym on Monday night, but the length of the day for me (I was awake around 2:30 a.m. yesterday) as well as the wear-and-tear of an afternoon in retail-hell was enough to wipe me out.

The home appraisal went pretty well, I think, but I really hope we don't have to do that ever again! Geez, I hate that! I mean, even though I like my boss at my full-time job, I still hate performance evaluations with her, too! I cringe at the thought of someone assessing me or my home. I always feel like the assessor is really thinking, You think this is good? You're crazy!

Tonight is a night to relax. Tonight I knit, pet the dog, watch television, and then take a sleeping pill (have an Rx that I use when I've a sleepless night or two -- the chamomile tea just isn't cutting it) and get back to normal for Wednesday.

I have Friday off from my full-time job, but I'll be working at the stationery shop in the afternoon again, so I think Friday morning will just be down time and Saturday will be the day I start mucking out the sewing room.

What was it I said before about getting some down time?????

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