Sunday, July 01, 2007

Something about June?

It's odd that a number of the blogs I usually check seem to have had a post sometime around June 23 - 26 and then no more. Are we all on break?

This is the first weekend when I've been pretty much free. Not completely free -- I had to go into my full-time job on Saturday to make up some time I missed due to being with my DH on Thursday -- but pretty much free. We even went to see a movie on Saturday, the new Die Hard film (which could easily have been titled, "If it moves, blow it up").

This morning I went to the pool and did 30 minutes of water aerobics with my friend Richard, then went back to sleep when I got home. It was communion Sunday at my church, and I'm just not comfortable with that yet. ("Do we all eat this now? How long do I have to hold onto this? Can't we just do it like the Catholics and eat it when it's handed to us? Can we have real wine next time?") And I slept a lot today. I've been so tired, and it's no wonder.

Our house is full of boxes and stuff. I'm not looking forward to the work ahead of us.

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