Sunday, March 02, 2008

In like a Lion . . .

We have a saying hereabouts where I live. It is that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. It's a reference to the weather, meaning it's cold, windy, and wet at the beginning of the month, but it's generally warm and pleasant at the end of the month.

This year we seem to have the month coming in like a lamb. Yesterday was warm and sunny (about 60º F) , a thoroughly pleasant day to be outdoors and enjoying the promise of springtime. Today won't be quite so warm (maybe 47º F) and there is a 40% chance of light rain or snow by 9 pm. (My source: Weather Underground).

The last couple of weeks have been something like a stormy lion at our house. All of my jobs (the base, the stationery shop, my freelance work) have had me very busy and that means the house has looked as if a tornado went through it! Yesterday I was dyeing wool. (See the knitting blog for details.) Plus I did some writing on a freelance project, tidied up a bit in the kitchen (it was necessary to the dyeing project) and even did a little bit of reading.

Ed is struggling with a cold. He's felt OK for a few days here, but last night he was hit hard once again so this morning he's in bed.

In other news -- perhaps the nicest of all -- my friends M and J are engaged! M sprang it on me a week ago. This is something I'd hoped for since about 3 months after they met when it was clear to me that they were in love.(see the post I believe in Love) I'd hoped so hard that it became an obsession (I was living in their joy to avoid my own woes, but that's another story) and last August I just let it go. So, imagine the explosion of joy and surprise when she showed me her ring! All I could do was scream, "OHMYGOD!" several times. If Ed hadn't come through to offer congratulations, we'd probably still be standing in the entrance of my house with M extending her left hand and me shouting, "OHMYGOD!"

OK, here's the silliest part. M was coming over to dye yarn (long story). She'd called me on her cell phone because she was having trouble finding my house (another long story). When she arrived she said she'd been feeling rather distracted and she held out her left hand, palm down. I was (oh, I am embarrassed to admit this!) looking at her hand (how could I have missed it?) and checking for swelling or a possible rash that might prevent her from dyeing yarn! I offer it only as a testament to how thoroughly I had removed myself from my obsession with their engagement. :) Naw, I'm just so dense that light sometimes bends around me!

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