Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Last Cup of Colombian Coffee

My dear friend Ruth and her mother are kind enough to bring coffee when they visit from their home in Bogotá. It is really not a special or premium product for them; it is the basic coffee that they can purchase any day at the supermarket.

To me, it is heaven in a cup! It is smooth and mellow, unlike the burnt-coffee taste that comes so often with the "gourmet" brands one purchases at outrageously high prices from Starbucks or any of the other specialty coffee places out there.

This morning, I am drinking the last cup. Despite careful rationing (only on weekends, only 4 to 6 cups brewed at a time), I was down to the last of the grounds this morning. I brewed a modest 4 cups, which nearly fills the oversized coffee mug Ed and I purchased on a visit to Seattle some time ago. (I love drinking my Colombian coffee from a Seattle mug -- a certain poetic justice, I think, to show the Starbucks capital of the USA that I have found something infinitely superior to their muddy water.)

Ruth y Judit, mis amigas, mis hermanas Colombianas, muchas gracias para la cafe muy bueno. Es especial tambien, porque es de sus corazones.

¡Ahora tengo solomente una minuta la beber, porque mi casa esta mas terrible!

(Translation of my clumsy Spanish: Ruth and Judith, my friends, my Colombian sisters, many thanks for the great coffee. It is special also because it is from your hearts. Now I have only a minute to drink it because my house is terrible!)

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