Monday, December 25, 2006

Presents from Offutt Co-Workers

Among the fun gifts from my Offutt co-workers were a Christmas mug, coffee beans, and a special hand lotion from my friend Amy (on the left), and a gift card to Bath & Body Works from Brian and Kathi Rice. Several people brought in bagels from Panera (thank you, Jesse and Valerie); Valerie and Amy got together and made little loaves of fruit cake for everyone (and I never got to taste it because Ed took one taste and claimed the rest for himself!); Jim Miller and his wife gave us a box of my favorite chocolate melt-aways from Baker's Chocolates in Greenwood, Nebraska; and Trish got us Powerball tickets (sorry, girl, but I didn't win anything); and Bill Steitzer and his kids chipped in for a Gift Certificate to String of Purls. Dave, our site manager, brought in cheese and crackers one day, but his best gift is letting us wear blue jeans every day this week (the 26th through the 29th) at the office!

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