Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ringing Out the Old

OK, first of all, you gals have to check this out to believe it. I mean, I thought I had bad PMS, but this is beyond bad. And it's funny. (And a big thank you to Deawn for the link. Sheesh!)

Second, I will be going to the gym today. I'm meeting my friend Richard at the new 24-Hour Fitness on Cass Street. (It's kind of weird that it's only open 8 am to 10 pm, but I suppose that's because it's new and not fully staffed yet.) I'm going to the gym to begin my "Goodbye to Fat."

Third, I will go to my mom's and play some cards, work on a puzzle, or whatever. I'm not sure when. Probably this afternoon.

Fourth, I'm going to knit. I've got a total of three pairs of socks going:
• a pair in Step yarn (first one past the gusset and heading toward the toe);
• the aforementioned lacy socks in ginger-peach (first one past the gusset and heading toward the toe); and
• a pair in StR Henpecked (first one in mid-heelflap).
And those don't count another pair where I have one done and the other not even started.

I've got at least two sweaters on needles:
• one for Trish in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Bulky (still knitting the body); and
• a t-shirt for myself in Shaefer Marjaana (still knitting the body).
And those don't count a cardigan where I have only to finish one sleeve and knit the button bands before I'm done.

I've got a baby blanket started (about half-way done) and I've got several scarves started with various acrylic/washable yarns that will be for charity. Oh, and there are a couple of shawls, too. Ummmm.... is that everything? Maybe I'd better clean out that room....

None of this, of course, take into account that I have enough yarn to knit clothing for an entire third-world country.

However, if I were to stop buying yarn for even a week there would be sheep, alpaca, goats, and ... (where does acrylic yarn come from?) languishing in the fields with impossibly heavy coats because their fleecy fur would no longer be required. They would be overcome by the weight. They would perish as they were grazing, and then the farmers would be required to leave their other chores to attend to the carcasses, which would mean their other chores (such as repairing equipment and tending the crops and other animals) would fall by the wayside, thereby endangering more lives and leading eventually to the starvation of all humankind. This is why we buy yarn, people -- it saves the world!

(OK, obviously I'm still a little woozy from dealing with a migraine all of yesterday.)

Saint Marcy of the Dust Rag came by yesterday. We bribed her ("combat pay" is how I approached the topic) to clean the downstairs bathroom as well. She's quite brave, you know. She didn't even demand a haz-mat suit to deal with it. Anyway, we are all living better thanks to her ministrations.

If I don't check in until later, please accept my best wishes for a safe and joyous New Year's Eve celebration!

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