Saturday, September 09, 2006

10K Today

I did a volksmarch today with Richard and Teresa. I also took along Charka dog (shown at left). Poor thing is just whipped. About the last mile she was hanging back. She'll be 11 in November. I think I'd better keep her to the 1/2 hour walks from now on.

I'm pretty much beat myself.

The walk was organized around Standing Bear Lake (about 144th & Fort Streets), but it took us through a few of the neighborhoods there. I saw some beautiful homes and landscaping. I also saw a few homes that should have been trashed on purely aesthetic grounds. (One big house was painted a medium-to-dark blue -- yuck!)

My own house is a pig sty. Again. In fact, I think the pigs have left because they can't stand the mess. I have laundry to do -- dirty stuff to wash & dry, and clean stuff to fold and put away -- and there is crap to pick up everywhere and vacuuming that desperately needs to be done.

And yet, I want to sit and knit.

I don't wonder why.


Alcariel said...

Did you go through the Cedar Creek neighborhood? That's where my new house is! It's just east of 132nd, a little south of the Standing Bear entrance from that street.

Judith said...

I'll have to look at the map to see where we walked again. I'm scratching the mosquito bites today, though, so my hands are kind of busy! :)

Sara said...

Been a while since I've read your Site. I see you were over by Standing Bear lake . . . a few weekends ago. Matt and I live just south of the lake, on the other side of Fort at about 138th Street. I wonder if you walked around our neighborhood? Your niece, Sara

Judith said...

We entered Standing Bear Lake at about 138th. The walk went north of that, a little bit east, and a lot west. We were never on the south side of Fort and never went much more east than about 136th Street.