Saturday, September 09, 2006

We the Scots

I found this photo while looking among my archived stuff for Charka. This is us on a trip to Edinburgh in June 2003. We'd found this weaving mill / store that would dress you up and take your photo, so we went for it.

Notice how Ed looks the part and I look like an Eastern European forced into the outfit. Ed's mother is half Irish (Garvey) and half Scottish (Ross), so it's no wonder. I, on the other hand, am half Czech (Masek) and half German (Bieker). Hand me coffee and a kolac and I'll fit in just fine.


shari said...

I love this photo of you two!

Anonymous said...

*grins* I love the picture too...even thought both of you look slightly less than thrilled ;-)

~Missy (Marcy's d-i-l of course!)

Judith said...

They had us do one "grim" and one smiling. I like this one because Ed looks so much like a warrior!

dragon knitter said...

ach, you look lovely, lass. and, of course, even the most crabbed and aged man looks glorious in a kilt, particularly in full kit. ed looks magnificent! think i could get my over-sized swede in a kilt? hah! (i'll give it a few years, of course)