Thursday, January 10, 2008

January Really Blows

We're supposed to have snow again today, an accumulation of 1" - 3". After the freezing rain of the other morning, I'm really not looking forward to any of this. Well, if we get a snow day out of it, I'm all for it, but only if I'm already at home first.

January: Cold, icy, snowy; no fun lights, no sweet songs, no presents at the end of the month. The only thing you have to look forward to is February, which is more of the same for 3 - 4 weeks.

We're still waiting to hear whether Ed got the job he's so much wanting. He will call on it today. He's had no other contacts on other jobs he has already applied for. Why do I think this will be just another in a very long line of disappointments? Answer: Because that's about all we've had is a long line of disappointments.

I'm starting to feel like God doesn't even know our names any more.

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