Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ethical Dilemma

I have some really cool scarves to finish up, and a sweater I promised to my friend Trish (I'm not even up to the armpits on it yet -- still knitting the belly), but I just got a great idea for knitted socks. Do I act responsibly, or do I give in to the passionate throes of creativity?

Or do I ignore both and just start by cleaning up the various knitting-related messes in the kitchen and living room?

I bundled up a bunch of my acrylic yarn yesterday and donated it (through my LYS) to a couple of charities. I actually emptied out 3 bins! It's such a relief -- Yarn out of my house and into the hands of people who will make good use of it. I used bags (it's embarrassing how many bags I had from my LYS) to collect skeins and partial skeins together so that the knitters receiving them would already have some fun ideas on how to blend the colors. My favorites were a mossy green paired with a variegated mossy green/tan/pale blue, and another bag that had a sparkly white and three shades of blue (looked like a winter thing to me). In fact, I had to remind myself that, no matter how cool the combinations were that I was coming up with, I had to give it away.

Now, back to that sweater (yes, I've opted for the road to responsibility).

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