Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Few Updates. . .

1. Meeting lots of fun people through the Blue Moon Rockin' Sock Club! I'm going to have to budget to participate in next year's club, but it will totally be worth it! I mean, I haven't even started (the first package is due this week) and I'm in love with it!

2. "Henpecked" socks coming along well. I've turned the heel on the second sock and I've got 4 rows done on the gusset. I'm hoping to get that one cranked out by the end of the Academy Awards program tonight.

3. Order from the aforementioned (and linked) Blue Moon arrived yesterday. I have the "In the Navy" skein wound and ready to start when the "Henpecked" socks are done. I haven't wound the "Watermelon Tourmaline" yet -- I'm having too much fun just looking at it.

4. The DK weight "Golden Apricot" arrived in yesterday's mail. At first I thought it was a tiny skein, but that was just because they'd sucked all of the air out of the package prior to mailing. It wound into a nice "cake" of yarn. I'll have to put it aside for later as I anticipate being inundated by StR sock knitting.

5. I put a few more rows onto the "Downpour" scarf, but I've set it aside in favor of doing some other things.

6. Sadly, I've only just started on the second half of the front of the sweater for Trish. I have the held stitches transferred to a needle and the first row has been knit.

7. We have about 7" of snow on our deck, all of it heavy and fluffy. We are fortunate in that we didn't have ice underneath it all as our friends in other states had to contend with.

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Curly Cable said...

Just popped in to say Hi (hope you don't mind) I am in the STR club this year too, for the first time and can't wait for the first package, and agree it's a lot fun meeting people through the Rockin Sock Club, your skeins sound really interesting!