Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Notice to Rockin' Sock Club Friends

Due to some financial surprises (i.e., we really got walloped on paying income tax this year), I've had to withdraw from the Rockin' Sock Club for this year. So, I will lose my privileges to the Rockin' Sock Club site, which means I won't be able to post there or connect as easily with all of you.

I have web sites / blog addresses for some of you, so I hope you'll be able to post your progress and share your successes there. Do stop back and keep in touch if you can. This will be the Year of Knitting from Stash for me, but I'm hoping to be able to be back for the RSC next year!

Hugs and happy knitting to all of you!


alice said...

Dear Judith,
Sorry to hear the IRS is making you take back your sock club membership. I shall miss your comments on the STR club blog. I will be stopping by String of Purls when I'm in Omaha but because it's during the day and usually early in the week I won't get to meet you.
Don't forget to increase those W-4 deductions or increase/start paying estimated taxes. We want you back next year and not slammed by annual taxes. See you in the blogosphere. (Not that I have a blog but I do have a CarePage for my husband.) Huzzah, Alice in the Heartland.

Judith said...

Thanks, Alice! Yes, I've already adjusted the withholding. We also got socked on capital gains taxes. I had to cash in some investments because our furnace and air conditioning unit needed to be replaced last year. So, this will be the only tough year. Afterward, we should be OK.

Anonymous said...

Hi Judith,
I'm so sorry to lose your commentary on the RSC blog! And to hear about the financial troubles. We owned 2 houses for almost a year and are just now recovering! The STR membership was a clebration of my 10 months of stinginess. I tried to print your STR mitten pattern from your website but I couldn't get the whole thing to print--just little bits. Could you e-mail it to me? I've got your e-mail here somewhere and I'll send mine thataway. Thanks, and best wishes!-Tricia