Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It never rains, but it tsunamis. . .

Friday, 23 February. We learn that the mortgage we renegotiated last November does NOT include setting aside funds for the escrow account or homeowner's insurance. We have to come up with 3 months back-payment on the homeowner's insurance (or lose it) that day. We have to come up with half of the property taxes by the end of March.

Monday, 26 February. We learn that we will be paying a lot in taxes for last year. "A lot" meaning we could probably buy a whole new furnace unit again.

Tuesday 27 February. We learn that CompUSA is closing in a couple of months, so Ed will be losing his job there. I also learn (although it's a small thing by comparison) that I'll most likely be having a hysterectomy sometime in the next 12 months.

We're on the phone with the financial advisor and the tax guy, so the money stuff will work out. Also, I've got my momma praying rosaries so fervently that I'll bet God thinks she's standin' right next to Him and shoutin' in his ears. However, if I appear to be wavering as I walk around today, it's because I'm rather shot through with holes at the moment.

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