Sunday, October 15, 2006

City of Dreams

I had a dream early this morning in which my husband and I were in London. We were on some sort of tour because we were with a group of people and being told where to be at what time, etc., so that we didn't miss out on the events planned. Ed had taken up with a kindred soul, so he and his friend were out on the streets and looking at any number of things. I remember passing them in a store that sold soaps and cleansers -- the posh kind where you pay $5 for a simple bar of soap. My friend Miriam was there. She and I went to a bakery and tried a few samples of things, then she disappeared to a lower level.

As I was walking around this ancient and modern city in my dreams, I was thinking that I had a few days left so I'd really like to just put in a call to my friends Roger and Caroline in Ivinghoe and spend the next few days with them.

Even away from home, I prefer the company of friends who greet you warmly as if you're family.

And then I woke up because my husband was snoring. Oh well.....

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