Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Inertia - It's a Killer

If I stand still too long in one place I run the risk of growing roots and becoming a tree. Which wouldn't be so bad, really, when you think about how much trees give to us by merely being. (They neither sow nor spin, if you know what I mean.) They provide shade, a place for birds to nest, and oxygen for the all of us. When they pass from this present life, they can be carved up into wood for building, and the pulp can be used for making paper; what's left over can be turned into mulch to help other trees grow.

People, on the other hand, become worm food.

For some of them, it happens before they die.

I've got several projects going, and not just the ones on my knitting needles. One of the biggest projects is myself, and I can't seem to make a lot of headway on that one. I struggle with my attitude about dieting, and in the struggle is the inertia.

Well, I suppose the mental/emotional grappling could be called some sort of movement, but I seem to cover the same ground every time, and it feels like I'm standing still. When I've got the energy and/or will to move forward, something comes up that knocks me off the path. Somehow it seems unimportant to worry about food intake when my husband is depressed or the water heater is threatening to die or the cat litter needs to be changed or whatever else comes up.

I'm overwhelmed with responsibilities and commitments, yet getting rid of some of them is frightening because I'm afraid I'll become inert.

Or maybe I'll just be left with myself, and that's what's really scaring me.

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