Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Hallowe'en

People have been sending emails of pets in a variety of costumes. This is one of my favorites:

I took off yesterday from my full-time job in order to run some errands and have a little date with my husband. Ever since we'd met, one of our favorite dates is going out for breakfast. Anyway, the next few months are going to have both of us crazy on account of it being the beginning of retail hell (a.k.a., Christmas shopping season), so it was nice to have a little quiet time together. I also got my annual car registration taken care of, got the car cleaned inside and out, and mailed some packages.

The wind came up sharp and strong yesterday. What started out as a warm day ended up cold and windy — typical for the end of October in this part of the USA, and just in time to make Hallowe'en a little creepier.

I'm having misgivings about doing NaNoWriMo starting tomorrow, but I'll do it if for no other reason than to get more exercise in letting go of perfectionism. I remember a high-school English composition teacher, as we started a section on writing, told us that the first stuff we'd write would be crap, and that after we'd finished writing about teddy bears and toddlers and such like we'd start writing some really good stuff. Well, maybe this is just a way to get some of the crap out of me.

Last night's workout at the gym was magnificent. I think it was partly because I didn't wear myself out with housework over the weekend. And I think it was also because I'm still happy for my friends.

Really happy.

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