Monday, October 02, 2006

First Monday in October

Happy birthday to my wonderful husband, Ed!

Happy birthday, also, to my wonderful new sister-in-law, Deb!

I won't reveal their ages, but I can reveal that both are young and vibrant! (OK, Deb is more vibrant than Ed, but he's working on it, OK?)

Thanks today to my sister Marcy who helped me to muck out the back room where the cats hang out. She even brought the haz-mat gloves and masks!

Cats around the globe are singing our praises.

Leaves are beginning to turn, although the trees are still mostly green. I saw a bit of red on the sugar maples on our street. It was cool yesterday morning for my weekly walk with Richard, but this morning was quite warm. It's going to be a wild ride, weather-wise, as usual. It's Autumn, lovely autumn, my favorite season for color!

50th Street, near Blondo, in Omaha
(29 Oct 2004)

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